New Year’s Eve

As much as I’d love to plan a New Year’s Eve (NYE) getaway this year, I will be navigating the New Year in New York City. As such, I’ve made a list of helpful backups in case of overstimulation on this rowdy holiday. • Party-goers: Ask the host where to find a quiet room in the house. This can become a safe space, and is much more convenient than locking myself in the bathroom. • For autistic people who drink alcohol: Once we have arrived at our NYE destination, it might be beneficial to wait a full thirty minutes before drinking. This allows us to take on the surroundings and ground ourselves. Sometimes, we fall into a trap of relying on alcohol to make us socially comfortable, but uninhibited actions often lead to next-day anxiety. • Fireworks, loud crowds, and banging pots & pans: This night is the perfect night to invest in noise reduction headphones and a sound machine.

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