Life in the Driver’s Seat

How do you feel behind the steering wheel? Life in the driver’s seat can be overwhelming. While autistic individuals are often very good at following clear rules, situations where the rules become blurry can send our heads reeling. Driving is one of those situations! Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate the less clear rules of the road:
1) Be careful when driving and talking on the phone at the same time. Both driving and phone calls are difficult to navigate for most autistic people, so doing them at the same time can be extremely stressful.
2) Never be the fastest or slowest person on the road. This can help us gauge speed when it seems like speed limits are being ignored.
3) When changing lanes, put your turn signal on first. Then, check your blindspot. Then check your side mirror. Then check your blindspot one more time. Say you’re in the right lane on a three lane freeway, changing into the middle lane. Try as much as possible to never change into the middle lane when a car is directly parallel to you in the furthest left (fast) lane.
4) Do not impede the left (fast) lane. If a car comes behind you in the left lane, even if you are going the exact speed limit, move over and let that car pass.
5) Try listening to music that revolves around your special interest. This may make driving more relaxing or enjoyable for you!

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