Hyperfocusing on Someone

Autistic people are experts at hyperfocusing, but what should we do when we hyperfocus on… another person! When this happens, all our attention, love, and affection goes toward that other person, and others may perceive this as an obsession. However, it is important for autistic people to realize that hyperfocusing on another person is dangerous; this person may take advantage of our good-natured obsession. Or, we might frighten someone! In the end, we have to realize that having our hyperfocused attention reciprocated is not actually the healthiest outcome. Try to distract yourself with other special interests, block the person on social media if you can’t stop clicking, and write out how you feel in journals so you feel less alone. Just remember, the goal is to have well-balanced relationships with others. Too much intensity can lead to unhealthy interactions from either side! 

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