Gift Scripts

Is receiving gifts a hurdle for you to climb during the holidays? Once a gift is in my hand, and I have to open it up in front of eager eyes, I lose all sense of what to say. My face freezes under the pressure. I’m scared that I will appear ungrateful, and that fear causes me to act robotic.

When I have to open a gift in front of someone, I try my best to pull from some preplanned scripts to make opening a gift feel less like climbing Mt. Everest. Here are a few scripts that I pull from: • How did you know I like ___? Who told you?
• Yes! I’m going to enjoy this! • Wow, you were paying attention when I said I wanted this. Thank you!
• This is really thoughtful. I already have some ideas of where to put this.

When I can handle physical affection, I seal the reception with a hug or a high five. That usually closes out the gift conversation.

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