Feeling Lonely

Autism and loneliness. This comes up a lot. Whether we have been rejected by a peer group or simply just find that we don’t have any friends one day, what can we do when we’re feeling lonely at any present moment? Sure, we can start the process of making friends, but what do we do in the meantime, while we’re working towards building relationships? A few ideas for how to combat loneliness (from the perspective of an autistic woman) are:
1) Read a book. There’s nothing like a fictional world to help ease sadness in the real one. If I finish the book, I look up reviews for it to see if others liked/disliked it too.
2) Go to sleep. If I’m lonely and can’t stop thinking about it, I may need a system reset. Might just be time for bed!
3) Watch a familiar movie or series, but avoid anything new or comedic. I find that an old movie I already love helps soothe me, but something funny or that I’ve never seen before makes me want to talk to others about it, which then makes me feel lonely. 

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