Adapting to New Cities

The city can be a hard place to navigate for an autistic person, and I can often feel frightened by the large number of new things that constantly require for me to make adjustments. As such, here are a few recommendations for autistic individuals adapting to new cities, whether or not we are visiting or actually relocating:
1) Only try one new thing a day. Literally everything around us is new in a large city: the passersby, the next street corner, the train times, the weather. As such, only intentionally try one new thing a day, like a new convenience store trip, a new lunch spot, a new clothing store, or even a new bus or subway line. Otherwise, keep it routine.
2) If you’re overwhelmed and can afford it, just take an Uber or a Lyft ride home.
3) I wear earbuds on the train and bus to drown out the noise. Then, I switch to a one ear wireless headset on the streets. This way, I can still keep a tab on my surroundings but have the comfort of my familiar music.

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