Compression headache

Have you ever had a compression headache? Hair and headgear matter when it comes to sensory pain for autistic individuals. Some days, maybe we can handle fun hats, boppy ponytails, swimming goggles, smooth buns, snug braids, and tight wigs. But most days, I can find myself happy in the morning but drained and with a nauseating headache on days where I thought I could handle a tight hairstyle. Since we are more sensitive to the happenings-on of our bodies, we may just be more likely to get compression headaches.

The only solution? Change your style quickly. Try carrying around hair ties, bobby pins, and a soft headband to fix even the worst hat hair, but remember that ibuprofen won’t work until the compression is relieved. Lastly, if you want to brave a tight hat or style, try to balance things out with a loose outfit. No need to take risks with sensory pain all over the body!

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