As the Holidays end

It’s finally over! The holiday season wraps up today with the New Year. While the hustle and bustle simmer down, let’s all remember that the end of the holidays is also a big transition in and of itself. January comes as a relief, but switching from go-mode to old routines can be exceptionally hard for autistic individuals.

Let’s be extra kind to ourselves this week as we try to pull back together with the pieces of holiday fallout. Indulge in favorite films, shows, treats, and songs. Sleep a little earlier, rise a little later. Withdraw when we can.

Also, be sure to give loved ones a heads up that irritability, anxiousness, and rigidity might be brewing at the beginning of this New Year. Try saying, “I would love your help as I transition out of the holidays. I may be moodier, but please don’t take it personally. I could really use your support now.” Support from ourselves and from our closest companions can truly expedite post-holiday recovery.

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