What I eat

Last night, I had some disruptive sleep. I know that’s because of the pint of vegan ice cream I ate for dinner. So why did I eat it? Because I felt anxious and wanted sugary comfort. But then, disrupted sleep often leads to fatigue and chronic pain, which decreases my ability to cope with the NT individual world.

Sleep, social anxiety, and diet can be interconnected. Getting too few calories can stress our bodies and brains. Eating too much of anything can overload our bodies and bring pain or poor sleep. Personally, I follow a vegan diet for both ethical and health reasons. But even then, I just admitted I ate a pint of ice cream for dinner! (Which I don’t regret by the way, because what my situational anxiety really needed in that moment was a sweet treat.) Still, in my normal routine, I follow a strict eating regimen to ensure energy, nutrition, and deliciousness too. With chronic pain, food sensitivities, and fatigue constantly tapping at my shoulder, I don’t eat to look good. I eat to feel good. For those asking, this is my daily meal schedule:

Protein-rich breakfast 30 minutes after waking.
Nuts for a snack 2 1/2 hours later.
A small snack of choice 1 1/2 hours later.
Protein and fruit for lunch 2 hours later.
A small snack of choice 3 hours after lunch.
Large dinner of seasoned legumes and veggies usually 3 hours after the snack.

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