Exciting Events

We all want to have fun, exciting experiences (some of the time)! Whether it’s a day trip to Disneyland, a weekend-long convention, or a much-anticipated family reunion, we on the spectrum occasionally find ourselves in the thick of a great time; yet, our bodies and brains are often left unattended and uncared for by those around us. Even more, we often forget to care for ourselves. Here is a shortlist of my must-haves for those events with high highs but painful lows:

1) Ibuprofen. Seriously. I take two in the morning and two at night during high-intensity occasions. Saves me a lot of pain. Literally.

2) Supplements/Medicines. It’s very tempting to take a “break” from these on short trips, but the cost is much greater than the time it takes to put these in a Ziploc bag for the road.

3) Extra snacks that resemble what I eat on a daily basis. Fun events usually equal eating out of my norm. It’s so comforting when I can snack on my comfort foods after a long day

4) An extra charger. My phone is my permanent lifeline to all my special interests. My special interests are my number two way to recover from overstimulation (second only to naps). I keep a charger in my bag wherever I go.

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