Sense of Touch

Twirling until dizzy. Falling over while sitting. Sleeping in a hammock. Hip pain. These four experiences are some of many examples that fall under the umbrella of the Vestibular Sense.

Vestibular Sense (n.)
Awareness of coordination and spatial orientation as controlled by the parts of the inner ear. Also known as the Sense of Balance.

Signs of Unmet Vestibular Needs:
-Poor posture
-Leaning against furniture & walls for support
-Feelings of vertigo
-Hip and knee injuries
-Blurry vision & nausea
-Tripping & stumbling
-Weak core muscles

Exploring Vestibular Sense through Stims:
-Swinging on swing sets
-Stim dancing
-Twirling & spinning
-Balancing on an exercise ball
-Yoga sequences
-Sitting in hammocks & porch swings

The rocking back-and-forth stim is probably the most common stim that comes to mind when imagining a vestibular exploration. This same motion can be supported through rocking chairs, wobble stools, and balance boards.

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