Power of Sound

When it comes to audio-sensory input, autistic people often love very specific sounds. But other sounds send us careening into overload.

Sound (n.)
To be aware of something that is heard through the ears. Also known as the Auditory Sense.

Exploring Sound through Stims:
-Tapping fingers & feet
-Popping stim toys
-Tapping the ear
-Making & listening to music
-Pressing large seashells over the ear

Even more, autistic people often enjoy vocal stims, or stims that involve making our own repetitive sounds in order to regulate. Vocal stims may include humming, singing, repeating words, throat clearing, coughing, tongue clicking, and even screaming.

Strategies for Sound Sensory Overload:
-Noise-cancellation headphones/earbuds
-Soundproof window inserts
-Playing ambient music/noise
-Requesting quiet time
-Turning off TVs & streaming services
-Unplugging whining electronics
-Covering ears

If looking for a multi-sensory way to explore sound, sensory popping toys can be a great option. In particular, stim toys created by Fidgipop include soft popping sounds with nice visual designs and textured pops.

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