Let’s Do CBD

Let’s talk about CBD and its effects on autistic people!

Studies have shown that people with autism begin their day with higher levels of stress than non-autistic people. We navigate our daily responsibilities in the midst of over stimulation, executive functioning struggles, and social overload. In an attempt to find some relief, I decided to try 20 mg of CBD gummies a day.

Personal Pros of CBD:
-Helped to reduce stress during transitions
-Helped to increase my focus when dealing with multiple tasks at once
-Helped to decrease my fear of making social mistakes
-Helped to regulate sensory over stimulation

Personal Cons of CBD:
-Grogginess for the first hour after taking the CBD
-Bizarre dreams and waking up still sleepy
-Sugary flavors with slightly strange aftertaste
-Required preemptively taking the CBD to most effectively prevent stress, which was difficult to remember ahead of time

Additional Side Effects:
-Lasts 3 to 4 hours.
-No out-of-body experiences, but slight tingling sensation for the first day or two.
-Will not show up on a drug test if 100% THC free.
-Not physically addictive, but has the potential to feel necessary to ease daily stress.
-May have negative interactions with other medications

Keep in mind that there are claims that CBD can be used to “cure” and “reduce autism” in children. This rhetoric is ableist and dangerous. There is a difference between being given a “treatment” to “get rid of” autism, and seeking support as an autistic living in a non-autistic world.

The correlations between CBD and alleviation of stress and overload in autistic people are largely founded on anecdotal evidence. Further studies should be done to monitor its use and effectiveness.

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